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      Flexiv(非夕)是一家全球技術領先的通用智能機器人公司,專注于研發、生產集工業級力控、計算機視覺和人工智能技術于一體的自適應機器人產品,為不同行業的客戶提供基于非夕機器人系統的整體、創新性的解決方案和服務。非夕于2016年成立,核心創始團隊來自斯坦福大學機器人和人工智能實驗室,在硅谷、上海、北京、深圳、佛山等地區設有辦公室。Flexiv Ltd. is a global leading general-purpose robotics company, focusing on developing and manufacturing adaptive robots which integrate industrial-grade force control, computer vision, and AI technologies. Flexiv provides innovative turnkey solutions and services based on Flexiv robotic systems to customers in multi industries. The company started in 2016, with a core founding team from robotics and AI laboratories at Stanford University, and has established offices in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Foshan by now. At present, Flexiv has already delivered business cooperation with plenty of well-known manufacturers and end-users around the world, through which new applications based on new-generation adaptive robotic technology can be created together, especially in industries like plugging and assembling, curved-surface processing, picking and sorting, etc.